For Susan, acts of kindness were absent as she went through the terrible events and experiences as told in the play. We ask, simply, by way of demonstrating the impact of the production and follow up session that you, as a school undertake some form of meaningful ‘acts of kindness’ project.
In Jewish culture, the concept of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) has come to represent the idea of striving for social justice. A mitzvah or act of kindness is one way of students demonstrate the impact of Susan’s testimony through the performance. How you do that is up to you and your students.

Examples of projects:

  • A student led ‘Kindness Council’ instigate a whole school charity activity eg. fundraising for local Afghan refugees, collecting food to give to the food bank, collecting and donating shoes to ShoeAid
  • A devised performance of your own for Holocaust Memorial Day that is presented to the whole school, a Kindness Wall
  • A pin board where every student is encouraged to write and pin an act of kindness when they see / experience one. It’s amazing how one notice board over a term can become a real sign of positivity that your school prioritises and celebrates daily acts of kindness!