Testimonials from Students and Schools

Since 2013, Voices of the Holocaust has performed and taught workshops across England.

“Cate. Thankyou so much for a fabulous day and – wow! Not only was Fragile Fire a brilliant piece of theatre (flippin great for our theatre reviews as you promised!) but the workshops that your actors did with the GCSE group (sorry they were a bit sleepy at the start – all the mocks seem to have drained them of energy) was totally inspiring. From the physical theatre to the approach to character etc they just woke up – not just as students and actors but as really inspired by the subject matter and the ‘making a difference with their art’. They are now really looking forward to coming up with their own production for Holo-caust Memorial Day after the summer. I’ll keep in touch…”

Head of Drama


“I do think I know more, but it’s more that I feel like I know better.”


School Milton Keynes

“The work of this new theatre company is very important, and it fills a real need in making knowledge of the Holocaust known and understood through performance. The skills of Voices of the Holocaust means it carries out its educational mission; its company is talented and its leadership is wise.

Professor Robert Skloot

Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Author and editor of ‘Theatre of the Holocaust

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work in bringing your work to us. The students’ response to the performance…told me that they found it a powerful piece of theatre. There was a real buzz around the Academy, with students asking questions and staff sharing experiences and feedback from the excellent follow up sessions. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to any group or organisation that wish to improve their understanding of issues relating to the Holocaust. From the initial phone calls through to performance and follow up lessons, it was a pleasure to deal with yourself and your colleagues. I look forward to working with you again!”

Head of Religious Studies

Emerson Park Academy, Essex

“Powerful, painful, moving, emotive, majestic, inspired. Beautiful storytelling, story making and story moulding. Stunning for our Drama students but really important for the knowledge it gave them.”

Drama Teacher


“Most down to earth person there is! Amazing teacher.” 

“Best Person you will ever meet. Beautiful teacher inside and out.” 

“A complete inspiration. I’ve never had a teacher who knows so much or cares so much. And not just about Drama but about the other things that matter. Everyone matters to her. She’s just brilliant.” 


“Your performances meant literally our whole school saw ‘Meaning’ with our year 9s going on to meet and talk to Cate, Susan and the actors – all of whom were extraordinarily well informed; real experts. To be honest I think it was humbling to even our History, RE and other teachers (a few of whom it has to be said were a little doubting when we first arranged our Voices day). The work your team went on to do in classrooms for the rest of the day was brilliant. Some of them were only a few years older than the students (I think – maybe they were older and just looked young!) but they were informed, inspiring and fabulous in the classroom. You really have made an enormous difference to our students in just one day; the play alone will stay with everyone for a very long time, so will Susan’s thoughts and reflections but with all the teaching and empowering our year 9s I really know that you’ve made a big difference at Shenley. THANKYOU! Can’t wait for you to come back. ”

Head of History

Shenley Brook End School

“A complete inspiration. I’ve never had a teacher who knows so much or cares so much. And not just about Drama but about the other things that matter. Everyone matters to her. She’s just brilliant.” 


Testimonials from Institutions

Voices of the Holocaust has performed since 2013 for many institutions such as European Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Embassies and Holocaust related institutions.

“On behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales and the Trustees of the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, I would like to thank you for your email. It is interesting to learn about the important work of Voices of the Holocaust and it was kind of you to bring it to our attention. “

Niamh Walsh

Clarence House

At the EJC we really appreciate all of your hard work and your tremendous efforts to preserve the memory of the Shoah. I am sure the play Kindness: A Legacy of the Holocaust will help to create a future without hate by educating the younger generations. After reading the script, we are convinced this is a beautifully written and moving play to keep Susan’s testimony alive and all her education work going. Moreover, it will be a powerful educational tool to introduce students to the enormity of the crimes committed during the Holocaust and help them bear witness to the experiences of the people who suffered under Nazi brutality. I doubt anyone will ever forget Susan’s story after watching the theatre performance. Despite the heavy subject matter of the play, I am sure the response to the play from educators and students will be very strong. I wish you much success.”

European Jewish Congress

“Thank you for introducing this important project to embassy. We are very happy to hear that Susan Pollack´s legacy will be commemorated in such a great way.”

Alexandra Gath

Culture Education Department, German Embassy, London

“I want to tell you that I want to see the play. Reading it was incredibly moving and emotional and I think seeing it acted out on a stage with the set, costume and staging will be incredibly powerful.”

Dr. Rachel Century

Head of Research, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

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